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​​ There's a Porch or a deck on the front of my house over the sewer line.

Sewer Replacement Regina

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How a Backwater valve works 

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Sewer & Water Replacement using Plug Pulling Technology

 We were able to save the customers front porch and the concrete landing. Another happy customer, he didn't have to rebuild the porch or pour a new concrete landing pad to get that new sewer & water line in.

We Replaced the old ceramic sewer line with 4" heavy wall ABS, installed a new 3/4" water line, Installed a Rectorseal backflow valve that incorporates a patented repelling magnetic levitation flapper to ensure the most reliable sewer backflow prevention. Total job start to finish took 4 hours.

sewer replacement Regina


We know when your sewer line collapses it 

can be stressful on your bank account and

on your stress level because it usually means spending up to seven thousand dollars.

Well at Reimche Excavating It doesn't.

Serving Regina and area for the past

eight years now, we can replace that sewer 

and water line for a lot less then most of

our competitors using plug pulling technology

We also provide complete main stack to foundation wall sewer line replacement.

We only use top quality materials (THICK WALL ABS) and every job is treated like it was our own.

We have many top reviews on google and yellow pages from past very happy customers.

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Basement Main Sewer Line Replacement 

How are we going to replace the sewer line? We can't dig under the porch, and a hydrovac will cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars to make a hole big enough to push a new pipe in plus it will ruin our flower bed and front walkway. 

Solution: Give Reimche Excavating a call, we use PPT (plug pulling technology) in most cases we can save your flower beds and walkways and even get that new line in under your porch without disturbing it.

This will save you a lot of money, your landscaping costs after sewer line replacement will be very little
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sewer replacement Regina


Summer or winter. "plug pulling technology "

  We can save your flowerbeds, walkways, and decks and even get that sewer line into your house

                          under your porch without disturbing it.

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