​​​ There's a deck on the front of my house over the sewer line.

Do I have to remove it? "No, you don't"

Sewer Replacement Regina


Summer or winter. "plug pulling technology "

  We can save your flowerbeds, walkways, and decks and even get that sewer line into your house

                          under your porch or flowerbed without disturbing it. "WE ONLY DIG A SMALL TRENCH"

Reimche Excavating Ltd, Excavating Contractors, Regina, SK

Basement Main Sewer Line Replacement 



Plug Pulling Technology Short Video 

How a Backwater valve works 

How are we going to replace the sewer line? We can't dig under the deck?


Give Reimche Excavating a call, we use PPT (Plug Pulling Technology) We only dig a small

trench at the curb box.
Will this cost more than the traditional method?

Absolutely not! This will save money on your landscaping costs after sewer line replacement.
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If its 30 feet from the city curb box to the foundation wall of your house we only dig a small trench

10 feet long beside the city curb box (water shut off) the rest is left untouched.

Camera Sewer Line Inspection

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Sewer & Water Replacement Specialists! Typical install includes 

  • Excavation of sewer & water line
  • ​Plug Pulling Technology under decks, porches, walkways, flowerbeds
  • New sewer line (4"Heavy wall PVC DWV or HDPE Pipe depending on our assessment
  • New 3/4" Wirsbo Aquapex water line connected directly to the city valve   
  •  Mainline backflow valve installed
  • Option: Install a city side cleanout if requested by the homeowner
  • Box with lid around backflow valve, flush to the floor
  • New concrete around the valve box ​
  • New curb box if required, supplied by the city free of charge
  • Option: Haul excess dirt away if requested 
  • Clean up after the job completion
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Sewer line replacement Regina

Sewer & Water Replacement using Plug Pulling Technology

Directly under a tree

​​​​​​​Reimche Excavating Ltd   

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Best Price In Regina 

Septic Tank installation & Water well hookup 

sewer replacement Regina

Serving Regina and area for the past

ten years now, we can replace that sewer 

and water line for a lot less than most of

our competitors using our cutting-edge technology.

We only dig a small trench at the city curb box

We only use top-quality materials (THICK WALL PVC DWV or HDPE pipe) and every job is treated like it was our own.

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Reimche Excavating Ltd, Excavating Contractors, Regina, SK